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Wedding Videographer Jeffreys Bay

As a videographer people often ask me for great wedding video tips. But unfortunately there is no one short answer. There many things have to come together to make something that really sings. So I thought I’d put together a list to help you get what you want from your wedding video.

  1. Chose a wedding film maker whose work you like and not one based on price. Wedding packages are a guide to potential clients, they are not set in stone. so when you find the person you want to work with and the packages turn out not to be what you looking for, get in touch with the wedding film maker and chat about your needs. You will find them more then happy to customize your wedding video needs.
  2. Watch more then one wedding video of potential wedding videographers. This will give you an idea of the style and also how flexible they are in live situations.
  3. Get your music to your wedding videographer at least one month before your wedding date. This will guide them on how to shoot your special day unique to you. You can email them an mp3 version of the songs you would like.
  4. Make sure your wedding planner knows you will have a wedding film maker at your wedding. That way you will be rest assured that the layout of the hall will allow great filming and there will be no space issues with the camera gear or the film maker having to stand in front of your guests.
  5. Skype or whats app call with your chosen wedding videographer. This is a great way to build re-pour with your wedding videographer which means when your big day arrives you will feel more at ease with your wedding film maker and the camera.
  6. Include your wedding film maker in your day. By treating your wedding film maker as part of your day, you will automatically put the rest of your guests at ease with them being filmed, allowing your wedding videographer to focus on capturing the natural moments instead of trying to get people to relax in front of the camera.
  7. Be your self in front of the camera. Wedding Videos are all about moments and very important movement. Your wedding film maker just needs a second to tell the story of you. So be you. By being yourself in front of the camera your guests will follow suit creating the perfect script for an epic love story
  8. Look into the lens once in awhile. This is called breaking the fourth wall and is a technique used to bring the audience into the narrative. It is also very personal and emotionally moving. Memories for ever!
  9. Open the dance floor early. That’s right you heard me! Its a party so lets get it started!
  10. Ask questions!
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